About iDealers

We are a technology company with a mission to make the customer’s life easier – from the first visit, all the way to the purchase. With iDealers, we’ve created a cloud-based platform that will help you manage your dealership, customer relationships and marketing efforts in one place.

Our solution allows dealerships to enhance to workflow and track the daily business effectively, iDealers is a platform that specialized in generating the reporting system, accounting system, billing, inventory management, CRM.

Mission & Vision


Our mission is to uplift the quality of dealership businesses and provide innovative marketing ideas to new and existing businesses. Our vision is to grow bigger with our client base and expand globally with our services.

Your success is

our priority.

iDealers is a DMS platform, encompassing all the solutions you need to run your dealership seamlessly. it has all of the necessary tools to manage your dealership.
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